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Diving on Bonaire

  Bonaire Oceanfront Apartments
  Kaya Grandi # 65
  Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean
  Phone:+ 599 717 6130
  Fax:+ 599 717 6136

  Call toll free to USA:
  + 1866 464 1786

Bonaire, KralendijkDive, reefs on Bonaire are the best!

About Bonaire

"All you would like to know about Bonaire"

Bonaire lies in the Dutch Caribbean and is one of its best kept secrets. Our island has lots to offer both above and under water. The reefs around the island are among the five most spectacular in the world. Protected by law these reefs form a captivating wildlife area with a unique flora and fauna.

Contrary to the other islands in the Caribbean, the many tourists visiting Bonaire have not changed its pace. The island still breaths the relaxed harmonious and tranquil atmosphere of years past. Though, fortunately it has adapted to all modern conveniences. Exploring Bonaire by car, scooter or bike can be truly adventurous.

Bonaire east coastTurtle Protection on Bonaire
Washington Slagbaai Park, our beautiful national park which covers most of the northern part of the island, is an absolute must. The wildlife consists of flamingos, iguanas and many endangered bird species.

Besides nature, Bonaire has many excellent restaurants. After dinner you can take a walk on the boulevard or have a dance at the Pier at Karel's Beach bar.

Bonaire Facts

The average air temperature is 82º Fahrenheit (30ºC) and 75% relative humidity.
Average water temperature is 80ºF (29ºC).
Rainfall averages 22" (52.8 cm) per year.
There is a constant trade wind that generally makes the evenings cool and comfortable.

Klein Bonaire BeachBonaire Wind Surf

Bonaire Size:

Bonaire is 24 miles long (38.6 km) and 3-5 miles (4.8 -8 km)wide, 112 sq. miles (180 sq. km) in area.
Klein Bonaire, an island off our west coast, is 1500 acres.


50 miles (80 Km) north of Venezuela and 86 miles (94 Km) east of Aruba, well outside of the hurricane belt.


Papiamentu (local language), Dutch, English and Spanish.

Average Windspeed:

Average windspeed is 15 mph (25kph)

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